Changing Time

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Intentions change,
Actions vary,
In refuge of time aspirations move contrary,
Persona trembles,
Sanity garbles,
In verge of time fluctuates life’s status,

Innocent kids don’t remain the same,
Trysts beneath trees change,
So do the topics of arguments in households,

Sides reposition,
Crumples transition,
Lines of destiny change from their initial formation,

In spite of all the forces thrust upon,
In spite of the screams and shouts on and on,
Within the chasm of time,
Leave alone a lie,
Even truth struggles to keep it on,

Everything permutes by this time,
But Alas! It too falls short at times,
to keep itself sturdy,

to keep itself fine,

In tradition of changing everything through and through,

Ah! This “time” changes too.


Written by Neeraj and Soumya


7 thoughts on “Changing Time

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  1. So lovely, my dear sweet friend!! And you used one of my most favorite of words… I bet you know which one it is.. 🙂

    “Innocent kids don’t remain the same,
    Trysts beneath trees change,
    So do the topics of arguments in households,” …. so so good…

    XOXO ~J
    (Getting ready to post ‘Beautiful Mistake’ .. I am loving the words that were put into our new one!!)

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