Through the dark

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Draped in the darkest of black silk,
I hide behind the light of day,
Timeless memories,
Haunt the corners of my mind
I am but a ghost among the pulse of the city,
Gleaming lights make me blind,
Or is it that nothing I want to see?
Silence of the past,
Shouts in my mind,
Ears can’t take it; I realize when they start to bleed,
Running from everything,
I thought I knew,
Standing in the distance, you
Shadow outlined in the night air,
Waiting, anticipating, sensing my haste approach,
Caressing with your gentle eyes,
Your gaze sensed that I was in trouble,
When everyone used to fade away,
You stretched your hands,
Embraced me as if I was a lost puppy,
Moments of my yesterday,
Fade away with you in my view,
Protect me, save me,
Keep me in the light,
Away from the misdirected emotion of the night,
Laughter you allocate in my heart,
My smile reaches to the eyes,
I am addicted to everything you do,
Don’t let me go out of sight,
Always love the way you love me,
In a moment’s time,
In the darkest part of the night,
It is you and I, alone &  real,
Came here to find,
The reason our yesterday is ready to heal.
Written by Neeraj & Think. Speak. Tryst


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  1. Great! Such a wonderful job. Makes the poem shimmer with beauty.

  2. Ahhh, a beautiful poem. i have missed you:) I am still trying to get things in order, but taking some time here and there to get caught up – this morning I have chosen you:)

  3. Good writing, I’ll come back for more!

  4. Powerful….well done….

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