Lemons and Vodka

Photo Credit: dotty-dolly.blogspot.com
Photo Credit: dotty-dolly.blogspot.com

If life throws lemons on you.. catch them all.. you would be needing them during Vodka Shots.



8 thoughts on “Lemons and Vodka

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  1. nope…if you gots lemons, break out the 1800 tequilla!!! if you’re gonna get trashed, do it properly! hehehe and Neeraj, I’ve noticed the last few times I come to your blog to comment, you page rolls up and down before I can click on anything, it continually moves….very frustrating…and don’t know if you have a glitch or what….but the only time it stops moving is while I’m typing this…..very hard to read…. just an FYI, hope it’s just me… 🙂

    1. Hahaha.. Thats a great suggestion .. lolzz 😀
      Umm.. Well, It doesn’t happen to me but not sure about others.. maybe I’ll have to check. Let me know if you see it again in couple of days.. Thank you for pointing that out!!

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