Lemons and Vodka

Photo Credit: dotty-dolly.blogspot.com
Photo Credit: dotty-dolly.blogspot.com

If life throws lemons on you.. catch them all.. you would be needing them during Vodka Shots.




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  1. Cool. 😉

  2. nope…if you gots lemons, break out the 1800 tequilla!!! if you’re gonna get trashed, do it properly! hehehe and Neeraj, I’ve noticed the last few times I come to your blog to comment, you page rolls up and down before I can click on anything, it continually moves….very frustrating…and don’t know if you have a glitch or what….but the only time it stops moving is while I’m typing this…..very hard to read…. just an FYI, hope it’s just me… 🙂

  3. I like my lemons in iced tea and ginger ale – ginger ale and lemons together are tasty! (and there is no hangover in the morning!)

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