Half night stand

Photo Credit: artbyvalerie.deviantart.com
Photo Credit: artbyvalerie.deviantart.com

I still sleep nude

Since when you chose to elude

The window from where you ran away

I leave it open entire night everyday

Hoping that one day you’ll break in

Slip-in beside, seeing me shivering

I shiver and sweat only with you

When you slide on my body like morning dew

Sitting cross legged, waiting, when I fall asleep

I search you hard inside my endless dreams

Where have you disappeared I can not understand

Everywhere is imprinted that half-night-stand.



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  1. Love this one!
    Great title

  2. Beautifully relishing!

  3. Wow, your writing rocks me! You’re brilliant. Thank you.

  4. very lovely. I truly love the title – it really is just a half of a night stand when they leave.

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