Trouble Maker

Big black eyes like a lake so deep,

Once you look into them you won’t sleep,

She’s a bewitching vixen,

She’ll drown you in with her poison.


Her pretty polished nails are vicious syringe,

Once bitten, you’ll feel your heart cringe,

Like a Scorpion her love stings,

She does voodoo and strange things,


She’ll give you her hand; will seem like helping one,

Her wicked strategies are visible to none,

Wrapped around her finger you’ll twirl tighter,

She’s a predator and notorious trouble maker.

Written with Matrone Bell

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Photo Credit:

4 thoughts on “Trouble Maker

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  1. Dark and very descriptive. I like it! Please check out some of mine and follow me to keep up with all my latest poetry. Looking forward to reading more from you!

    1. Thank you for leaving your comment Adele! I loved your poem “Lips of a liar”, i’ll following to read more 🙂

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