Don’t you worry,

Don’t be afraid to anyone,

Walk fearlessly,

If troubles you the stare of any inhumane,

Shout out, ask for help,

There is Mard* with you,

You’re safe from every trouble.

* Mard = A real man = Men against rape and discrimination

men against rape and discrimination




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  1. Very cool – a wonderful rallying cry for support against these horrendous acts – and hopefully create awareness.

  2. bravo bravo

  3. aaj isi baat par ..aapko kuch diya jaaye! 🙂 see here!

  4. Bravo. Two thumbs up for this, Neeraj.
    App amazing ho. Bohot khoob.

  5. Wonderful to discover your blog. Its a treat! And I am inspired to add

    Honsla rahe tera hamesha buland.
    Lakshya se nazar na teri kabhi dagmagaye.
    Ab kabhi peeche mudh ke na tu dekh.
    Mard, hai mard tere saath ek

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