Writing is easy!


1. First of all find a muse for yourself.

2. Control the heck of thunder bubbling inside your mind.

3. Be restless for hours to write few lines.

[Loop = ∞ on step 2 and 3] and if you’re lucky enough to come out from this loop –

4. Feel sick for what you’ve written.

5. Delete everything.

6. Start again from step 1.

7. Put down the pen when you’re done.

8. Go to sleep and try next day again.

   If there are few lines still remained after all 8 steps –

9. This is probably not what you wanted to write. But yeah, you’ve definitely written something.

Few random steps in between –

  • Chew your nails
  • Scratch your head
  • Pull your hair
  • Smoke few cigarettes
  • Yell, yell and yell
  • Bang your head
  • Feel you’re a terrible terrible writer
  • Think, think, think … and so on..

See! Told you it was damn easy! Cheers!!

14 Comments Add yours

  1. Hira Nazir says:

    Hahaha. =P What is it? 😀 Such a erm.. I do not know which word is going to fit in, but a different formula, may be. 😀
    Good effort, though. Well, there is much more to be added in it, too. =P

    1. Neeraj says:

      Lol.. I know its never enough.. would you mind adding your thoughts which make it easier? 😀

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