One of you!

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What’s wrong with me?

Why am I counting my days?

What is that ticking in my head?

What’s eating me?

Why I’m not feeling alive?

Is it that I’m already dead?


What’s happened to me?

Why I’m still crying?

Why my poems are reading sad?

Whom I’m fighting for?

Why I’m still trying?

Whose ghost is over my head?


Will someone come and claim me?

Won’t somebody know my pain?

Will someone come aflame me?

Won’t somebody give me a name?


It’s a hot afternoon,

Sun has eaten the moon,

I’m afraid it’ll eat my pieces too,

Will anyone come define me?

I’ll never know who I’m,

But I’m… one of you.

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    1. Neeraj says:

      Thank you Praveena! I’ll check your site too 🙂

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