One of you!

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What’s wrong with me?

Why am I counting my days?

What is that ticking in my head?

What’s eating me?

Why I’m not feeling alive?

Is it that I’m already dead?


What’s happened to me?

Why I’m still crying?

Why my poems are reading sad?

Whom I’m fighting for?

Why I’m still trying?

Whose ghost is over my head?


Will someone come and claim me?

Won’t somebody know my pain?

Will someone come aflame me?

Won’t somebody give me a name?


It’s a hot afternoon,

Sun has eaten the moon,

I’m afraid it’ll eat my pieces too,

Will anyone come define me?

I’ll never know who I’m,

But I’m… one of you.

12 thoughts on “One of you!

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  1. Beautiful poem! I think we’re all still figuring out who we are. And I think our definition of ourself changes through the years, which is a good thing. But this is definitely a topic many people contemplate about and I think many people can relate to your poem. Xo

    1. I guess most of us who are think-worms used to wonder that quite often but does thinking really change anything? I doubt.. Thank you for feeling it the way I did!

  2. Ok, so I’ve to confess that I’ve turned into a fan of your writings, BIG TIME, by now. This is yet another such a profound and throught provoking piece.
    “Will anyone come define me?

    I’ll never know who I’m,

    But I’m… one of you”
    This steals heart!

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