Journey of our love – VII


Usual innocent face with no complications,

But eyes filled with some different definitions,

You were struggling to make an eye contact,

Though were sounding as nothing had happened,

“Its okay”, you said.

“You’re only leaving office not everything else”,

“You don’t realize how much you’ve hurt me today.”

“Why were you behaving weird all day?”

With those words you didn’t see blood running all over my heart punctured,

But there came no specific answer,

“We’ll keep meeting afterwards, don’t worry,”

You didn’t show but I knew you were in hurry,

I didn’t want to waste time in fighting over what happened,

I wanted to capture you in my eyes in those last moments,

As my eyes started getting wet,

You said “Don’t create a scene”,

What was that you were hiding inside for being so mean?

I hid all my possible tears,

How could I make you feel weird?

“Please don’t cry, let me see your happy face”,

“Don’t worry it was just one of the worst days”,

“We’ll keep meeting it is not the end”,

“Forever we’ll remain friends”,

As you said that, I tried to believe every word,

But my sixth sense was making it absurd,

“Let me accompany you till the parking lot”,

Five extra minutes were meant for me so a lot,

Till the staircase we said nothing,

Did you know already you were my everything?

I thought it was the time to say goodbye at the staircase,

I paused, stretched my hands for final embrace,

I didn’t get what I was hoping for,

You broke my heart right there once more,

“You won’t see me again that’s my promise”,

When I said my tears couldn’t resist,

Couldn’t say anything else my throat went chocked with tears,

I was standing there seeing you getting disappeared.


…Journey to be continued


Part 1


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