People, I don’t talk to

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You’re my best friend,
You’re always at the upper hand,
This thing I know so clear,
I admit you’re superior,
Whatever you do I see perfection,
You leave no stone unturned,
You leave no option,
With you I feel less valued,
As if your blood is thick and mine is dilute,
You never cheat, you never confuse,
You’re the best, I do not refuse,
And that’s the reason buddy,
I don’t talk to you.

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You’re a sweetheart,
The most beautiful part,
Every moment spent with you,
I can never disregard,
One thing I know,
Together forever we can not live,
You got so close,
I had to make you apart,
I’m sorry,
I know I broke your heart,
I love you and that is true,
But that’s the only reason baby,
I don’t talk to you.

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Your words get me high,
My resistance doesn’t imply,
The way you talk,
Makes me amused,
You explain so clearly,
Never confused,
I can not afford,
Falling into you,
When you make me your muse,
I can’t refuse,
So I came up with a solution ultimate,
That’s the reason babe,
I don’t talk to you.

These are the reasons for they don’t talk to me
These are the people, I don’t talk to.


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