Journey of our love – VI


As my last day was approaching,

You were weird but still talking,

I guess there was no option,

As I was still around,


You asked me to take back my resignation,

But you knew I don’t roll back my decisions,

Once made and it was already late,


Then there was my last day in office,

105th as per the notice,

I really wanted to talk to you,

You were avoiding as if all the pressure was on you,

I was to stay there for few more hours,

But you were about to leave for the day,

Without allowing me to say whatever I wanted to say,

All day you got me struggled to get around you,

When I really needed minutes few,

To have a conversation with you,

For the last time,

But you were punishing me for some unknown crime,

6 hours passed,

I didn’t get you even for a minute,

My frustration was crossing its limit,

Then you turned your computer off,

Asked if I wanted a walk,

I almost shouted as I was damn irate,

I furiously denied, my face turned red,

You walked away without saying a word,

With lots of feelings inside covered,

I knew I had lost you already,

But by that time I was not ready,

To give up on my anger,

So I ran behind and dialed your number,

You said you boarded the cab,

I almost cried for my heart being stabbed,

The very moment you said “Turn around”

You were standing right behind me, I found…

… Journey to be continued

Part 1

Part 7

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