When they fight

Photo Credits: www.hdwpapers.com and  www.picstopin.com
Photo Credits: http://www.hdwpapers.com and http://www.picstopin.com

 He goes back home drunk,

She’s sleeping in her room,

He wanna see so badly her face glowing as moon,

He doesn’t turn on the lights,

Lost in dream, she is saying –

 “Why don’t you say a word?

When I’m really mad,

Why you always tolerate,

When I’m a crazy cat?

I know I torture you all the time,

But you’re always a sweetheart,

Why baby why?

Why you love me so much?”


He holds her hand,

Kisses it once,

Caressing if she is a little child,

His fingers move toward her face,

To take away the hair going into her eyes,

So madly he loves his cat wild,

And he says –

 “I would fall for you thousand times”,

“Would let you break my heart”,

“May it snow or it rains”,

“I’ll never complain”,

“I’ll never be apart”

“With you I don’t afraid to die”,

“Without you I’m not alive”

He keeps smiling seeing her sleeping,

Stays there up all night,

She keeps talking,

He keeps admiring having her with him,

Moon up in sky slowly fades away,

There is dawn of a new day,

He falls asleep holding her hand,

She wakes up with tears in her eyes,

Seeing him sleeping on a chair nearby,

Kisses his cheeks,

The fight gets over.

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