Allergic to bullshit (18+)

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My nose is running,

Like a pussy on period,

And I’m feeling rubbish,

Seeing you dancing like an idiot,

On my fate’s head,

Didn’t I tell you instead?

To take care of my life’s chopper,

Not to be an asshole hip-hopper,

Stop fucking in its cockpit,

I’m allergic to bullshit,


It’s my pathetic misfortune,

That I have to bear your sulking tune,

Maybe a few chapters of my life,

Were written by a donkey’s dick,

And that’s why your entry is so epic,

You keep flaunting your 3 inches and half,

And crying at everyone to give them a blowjob,

Stop being an asshole,

Understand there is a limit,

See I’m sneezing ‘Coz I’m allergic to bullshit,


When I’m up on my legs,

You won’t get a chance to beg,

I’ll then fuck you every day and night,

That you will not find a place to hide,

But maybe then you can hide in your ass’ hole,

That’s the place I will mind giving a shit,

‘Coz I am allergic to bullshit,


Now the choice is yours,

Either be my muse or a fucking whore,

Once these chapters are over,

Once I’m the pilot of my chopper,

I’ll cut your 3 ½ inches “long” dick,

Fit in your pussy shaped mouth,

Will make so many holes in you,

That you’ll forget your where about,

Your entire geography and history,

You’ll forget in a minute,

So stop pissing me off,

I am allergic to bullshit.


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