Journey of our love – V


Next day when we met,

You told me the reason,

As to what did happen,

The night before my birthday,


Your innocent face was in front of my eyes,

I saw yours there were no lies,

So I tapped on your head, saying “Are you mad?”

And my anger flew away,


From there the humiliation started,

You were being questioned every now and then,

I was confused why you were being cold hearted,

I really didn’t know the reason by then,


I asked many times,

Why don’t you talk to me now days,

The way you used to before,


You made excuses so decisively,

I thought it’s just a phase and will pass quickly for sure,


Unaware from the fact that you were being forced to stay away from me,

For every call that you made,

You were being felt guilty,


The day of our separation was coming near,

I wish it would have been different had you made things clear,

I’m not sure if all that struggle you still remember,

But I can never forget that December

… Journey to be continued

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3 Comments Add yours

  1. abichica says:

    just splendid. :-).. love makes our hurts pitter patter. 🙂

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