I’ll be…

Photo Credit: www.funonline.in
Photo Credit: http://www.funonline.in

I’ll be the napkin to wipe your falling tears.
I’ll be candles to burn on your dinner table.
I’ll be a pillow that you would hold tight.
I’ll be the punching bag when you’re up for a fight.
I’ll be street lights to show you way in the darkest night.
I’ll always be wrong to make you right.
I’ll be a piece of lemon to accompany your vodka shots.
I’ll be ice cubes in a summer hot.
I’ll be the hair pin to hold your falling hair.
Inside the choco-pie I’ll be the extra layer.
I’ll be every falling star to bright up your eyes.
I’ll be made-up stories to hide your innocent lies.
I’ll be extra, tiny wheels for your bicycle ride.
I’ll be shadow when you would want to hide.
I’ll be the easy lines for your karaoke debut.
I’ll be the gush of air for your Barbie’s parachute.
I’ll be the key-ring hanging on your purse.
To decorate your poetry, I’ll be the extra verse.
I’ll be solitude in a crowded lake.
I’ll be extra softness of your cake (that you would make).
I’ll be an amplifier to make your heart beat.
I’ll be your favorite song on radio and the ‘button of repeat’.
I’ll be the green light on a traffic signal.
To soothe your stress, I’ll be wind chimes and soap bubbles.
And many other little things,
To bring a smile on your face and air in your wings.
I’ll be everything.
I’ll be everything.

16 thoughts on “I’ll be…”

  1. Every time i visit your blog, i can’t help but read this poem all over again. This is really beautiful. Do people look insane if they comment on the same post twice? I don’t know, but still i like this one very much. Its one of my favourite poems.

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