Out of my way – Extra verses

300 wallpaper 3

Stop barking at me it won’t help,

It’ll land on ears deaf,

Piss off your fucking face,

I am obsessed with myself,

Keep saying “there is no shortcut to success”,

For that matter, watch me bloom;

I am creating an escalator,

Your bullshit ideas – you better keep,

I’m listening to my heart, it’s on repeat,

I’m not bothered whatever you say,

Keep aside!! Get out of my way!


While you keep sitting here watching stars, feeling amazed,

I’ll cross them all, will land far far away,

And when they’ll keep you amazed making you awe,

I’ll be the One in front of whom they’ll bow,

For all the blood that you made me bleed,

I’m not gonna hit you back even if you desperately plea,

‘Coz I’m not in a mood,

I’m busy in connecting those drops, making thread, stitching my wounds,

Hitting your ass will unnecessarily get me delayed,

So fuck yourself and get out of my way!


I know who you are,

I know what you’ll be,

I know where you are,

Don’t know what you wanna be,

 I know what I am,

I know what I will be,

I know where I am,

I know where I’m gonna reach.


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Out of my way!!!

9 Comments Add yours

  1. pseudomonaz says:

    How i wish i could say this to people someday…If that day arrives in my life i am gonna share this on facebook i.e. if i join it back.

    1. Neeraj says:

      All the best for that 😀

    1. tuttacronaca says:

      U’re welcome! 🙂

  2. How I hate it when other people try to run your life! Following your heart is always best =)

  3. tempestletrope says:

    There are some utter jerks in my past to whom I wish I could scream these words. You captured such passion and such anger. People are often afraid to express anger. I’m glad you weren’t.
    My collaboration with the notorious Cheesemeister for this prompt is here.

    1. I’ve enjoyed your story and am fascinated with the idea your story carries on, I’ve had this thought to start writing different chapters of a story based on instant prompts but then I decided to stick on poems. You’re certainly doing a magnificent job – with the idea and with the content as well.
      Thank you for sharing your story with me and reading my submission as well.

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