Beautiful Mind

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A little kid of merely four,

Has many toys still wants more,

Waiting for his Dad to come back home,

He’ll put his demand then for sure,

Time comes when it’s evening,

Dad is at door and there he goes running,

Before anything he did say,

He senses that his dad had a rough day,

Goes near and hugs him tight,

Try to sooth the stress bigger than his height,

Puts back his demand that he was planning all day,

Will ask for it later, maybe some other day,


At the age of eight,

When it got late,

It was the time for a nap,

He looks for his mother’s lap,

He wants to sleep nearby,

When she sings a lullaby,

His father is out for work lately,

And he’s missing him so badly,

Little sister is his biggest enemy,

She doesn’t allow him to be near mummy,

All his sorrow his tiny heart hides,

When he chooses not to fight,

Goes to bed alone and stays up all night.


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  1. little girl when she was three, would get up on the bed and sit with knee, on the window sill and ignore, calls from daddy..come down to bed or floor..I know that stars are far away, but was just trying to get a glimspe of the array 🙂

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