Dearer than you!

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During those summer nights,

When we were sleepless and up all night,

Lying on roof watching falling stars,

Listening to each other’s heart,

We made several promises,

Yeah we did,


Walking hands in hands,

When we were lost in love, we said we’ll never fight,

Sitting by highway watching passing cars,

Singing “we’ll never be apart”,

We made several promises,

Yeah we did,


You said you’ll never leave me,

I said, I’ll always love you… the most,

Just like those falling stars,

And those running cars,

Our promises are falling… and getting lost,


And today let me say, that

I am really sorry, that

I couldn’t stand on what I said,

‘Coz your jacket with your smell,

And your memories in my head,

Are now dearer than you…



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  1. wow. fabulous. I really like the images, and the format.

  2. Promises fulfilled also make for great poetry. I like the images.

  3. Wonderful with lot sof deep thoughts !

  4. great one Neeraj! you sound like the lost soul again in love! 🙂

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