Bloody Love Games

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Sometimes I feel I’m in a ring,

She be a drama queen, so I be a drama king,

Though these games are interesting in the beginning,

But so badly now they stink,

Eventually there remains only thing,

She says nothing, I say nothing,

She keeps hurting,

I keep fighting,

Both of us keep pretending,

We aren’t meant to be together,

Yet we still stick there,

For what reasons?

Who bloody thinks?


I tell ya I just hate these love games,

Whosoever you are, still the same,

Right when it hurts and you call out their names,

They don’t turn back ‘coz it’s a part of the game,

It makes you feel frustrated,

Makes you feel lame,


Here you die,

Waiting for a reply,

There she’s loving it,

Making you cry,

And every time you ask yourself,

Why O Why?

Then you think,

Next time you won’t respond,

You’ll make her suffer too,

But it doesn’t happen,

The way you wanted to,

A sweet smile, a regular apology,

And a grin without a shame,

You say its okay,

You lose the game,


When it’s happening,

It keeps me wondering,

When will it end, the bloody game?

When will she turn up instantly?

If I call her name,

We both keep humming,

It’s not what we really mean,

When will we stop pretending?

That we don’t love each other,

When we’ll stop making each other suffer?

But she says nothing, so I say nothing,

And we keep bluffing,

For what reasons,

Who bloody thinks?

6 Comments Add yours

  1. pseudomonaz says:

    It seemed like my story only if you exchange the genders. 😉

    1. Neeraj says:

      Huh! It’s just a routine these days 😦

  2. zygerina says:

    after a long time something really good like this, i totally agree with psuedomonaz!

  3. Shards Of DuBois says:

    Neeraj, somedays I think I should write love poems about men and women…and then I see one of yours … and think …nah, Neeraj has it down! I’ll leave it to him! 🙂

    1. Neeraj says:

      Lol .. Thank you for that compliment Deb, but I would to read a love poem from you 🙂

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