Journey of our love – IV


During the month of October,

I didn’t have lots of things for you to offer,

Other than a heart overflowing with love,

Yet it never seemed enough,

Many times I tried to kiss you desperately,

Every time I fell feeling silly,

Right when you had a hint,

Terribly I missed you by an inch,

You were astonished to see it happening,

Everything was badly spinning,

Desperation was the only thing that you could see,

Only to realize, you had become so precious for me,

You told me, you were afraid for me to have such a loving heart,

And you knew from me it’ll never be apart,

At the same time you couldn’t do anything for me,

As with somebody else you already had believed your destiny,

You couldn’t decide if to feel sad or be glad,

When I said whenever I dream of you, I go mad,

I plead for you to consider me as a second option,

Said I’ll wait for you till then with lots of love in same denomination,

I never wanted you to leave anyone just for me,

Always wanted you to realize what was meant to be,

I did everything I thought I can,

I was ready to be your second man,

October ended and the month of my birthday started,

Till then a few times I complained you for being cold hearted,

When I was down on my knees and high on emotions,

And wanted you to take a step towards me for a consolation,

Riding on the horse of flaming intimacy,

There happened an unexpected tragedy,

Our conversation of April which was on the records,

Was seen by him as he had your gmail password,

And to add misfortune in my fate’s tray,

It was the night before my birthday,

When I was angry on you for not calling me to wish,

You were being felt guilty for such a glitch,

First seed of bitterness was being plowed,

For my happy heart to explode.

… Journey to be continued

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