The Last Fight

Photo Credit: Google images
Photo Credit: Google images

Another night of thunder,
Dark as ghost.
Anyone would surrender.
Anyone could be lost.

A ship mighty is floating like a drunken elephant
On a Sea that has no end.
Claws of waves make it quaver.
It’s strong enough to fight such weather.
Going miles and miles at regular speed.
For no reason it needs to be worried.

The Sea seems angrier this time,
But it’ll put its efforts at its prime.
Nothing can divert it from its destination,
Neither will it think of procrastination.
It’s conquered this sea many times before.
So it’s sure: it’ll safely reach at the shore.

And so the will of the Sea is well concrete.
It doesn’t want another defeat.
This mighty ship has beaten it enough,
Every time it fell on its feet.
So the fight is on,
And going on.

A smash of abrupt wave,
Thrashes the deck, makes the ship pray.
Even before it could think of a defense,
Another knock makes holes in its confidence.
As navigation deck goes down,
Without its captain it is on his own.

Another series of waves and a loud roar,
Water runs harshly on each floor.
As at its peak the desperate Sea reaches,
Ship is tattered in multiple pieces.

[A final roar and a victory hooter]
It’s its jungle. It’s the king and the only shooter.
Night is dark yet it shines bright.
Winner is the one, who wins the last fight.


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