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Restlessness is here,

Like serenity walked away secretly,

Like breath stopped breathing,

What to do?

When flood of emotions shake the soul,

Like water in eyes squeeze the heart,

I lift a pen,

To ease up the wrinkles of words,

Though there is thunder inside,

But it isn’t sufficient,

To fly away a small piece of paper,

Restlessness is here,

Throat’s being dried out,

Words which were fearless before,

Are quietly howling in a corner,

Every letter that I wrote appears fake,

See! Moon too seem broken indeed,

Does it happen with everyone?

Why every word appears to be robbed?

Restlessness is here,

Yet again…

Hindi Version



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  1. I loved this piece…brilliant.

  2. All right I don’t know what google translate was translating but it was not even close to this. This, was FANTASTIC! I loved it. I think its my favorite, reallly truly spectacular.

  3. Beautiful Neeraj! you wrote your heart out! very touching

  4. This is my first time visiting your page and I love what I am reading thus far. Thank you for your beautiful creativity!

  5. neeraj! have nominated you for an award! check here!

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