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Restlessness is here,

Like serenity walked away secretly,

Like breath stopped breathing,

What to do?

When flood of emotions shake the soul,

Like water in eyes squeeze the heart,

I lift a pen,

To ease up the wrinkles of words,

Though there is thunder inside,

But it isn’t sufficient,

To fly away a small piece of paper,

Restlessness is here,

Throat’s being dried out,

Words which were fearless before,

Are quietly howling in a corner,

Every letter that I wrote appears fake,

See! Moon too seem broken indeed,

Does it happen with everyone?

Why every word appears to be robbed?

Restlessness is here,

Yet again…

Hindi Version


11 thoughts on “Restlessness

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  1. All right I don’t know what google translate was translating but it was not even close to this. This, was FANTASTIC! I loved it. I think its my favorite, reallly truly spectacular.

    1. हम आपसे हिंदी पुरुस्कार नामांकन प्राप्त कर अति प्रसन्नता का अनुभब कर रहे हैं! धन्यवाद्!

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