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When I held you by your waist,

And I felt you were a guitar,

My fingers ran across your body,

Rang each string of yours,

When we had our lips less than an inch away,

Talking to each other,

Merely touching by mistake,

Spending hours like that,

Fragrance of your breath I still remember,

‘Coz everytime it gave us a new life,

And whenever we had a fight,

Like being insane,

And all of a sudden,

I held your face and kissed your trembling lips,

 Making you realize that I still am the same,

While playing our love games,

May centuries pass,

Nothing can take over it,

Even if it seems incomplete,

It was whole different life for us,

And will always remain,

As it was for the first time…


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  1. Awesome words..Loved it..

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