Journey of our love – III


As the month of July began,

Grew louder the urge of our unison,

Day and night we were around,

Remember how we couldn’t sustain a minute without each other’s sound?

It was like walking through a dream to another,

Every moment spent with you I still remember,

How I used to read poetry,

And made you sweet short stories,

How you were bound spell,

Touched and moved like hell,

You could be mine I had confidence,

When for the first time I held your face in my hands,

I started dreaming you every night,

Kissed your delicious lips without a fight,

Though in reality it remained an unfulfilled desire,

When every dream I told you I was on fire,

I said “I really need you with each delicate part”

And that too without breaking anyone’s heart,

But I knew that if there was something ever going to break,

It had to be my heart for all torture to take,

At least I wanted you to never leave me alone,

Even if with somebody else you were gone,

You promised we’ll always remain friends,

There was no way that we were going to end,

One day you said you would be leaving,

You were about to go far away leave me grieving,

We cried entire night talking on the phone,

I was afraid to think if you were ever gone,

Tears told me that our love was true,

I too said that I’ll miss you,

In every moment when I was awake or asleep,

You were the only reason of every smile and every weep,

August and September passed getting deeper into you,

I didn’t know then that I was left with only days few.


… Journey to be continued

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6 Comments Add yours

  1. ManicDdaily says:

    Hard to part from an intense love. k.

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