A Day, A Kiss – II

Photo Credit: forum.xcitefun.net
Photo Credit: forum.xcitefun.net

Weaving a dream, hoping to see her some day,

But she lives in a place so far away,

Where it may not be possible for me to reach,

Maybe we’ll never get a chance to meet,

With every thread of this dream I see her eyes shining like stars in the sky,

And I wish them to never fall away from my sight,

How will it feel when this dream will come alive?

When I’ll really have her by my side,

Will magic begin, will it also rain?

Ummm, I am already amused dreaming it again and again,

If it is not destined to come true,

I’ll be happy to dream it all life through and through,

But I so want to know one thing without a miss,

What is the taste of those angel lips?


She hides her tears, smiles at me as I say it all,

And I choose my words carefully to not to make a foul,

Having her with me is like I have a bliss,

All I need from her is at least a day and a kiss.



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