Missing you

It is the month of our beginning and separation
Whatever happened is beyond our imagination
That stupid slogan has finally died
That we chanted every minute we laughed or cried
Finally we’ve moved out of the fever
Of being Together Forever
I know it is enough late to go back and amend
How could we forget, flying someday had to reach the land?
Forgive me I have no intention to offend
But I am missing you
Even if I’ve survived without preparation
After being dried out and going through saturation
When there was no place to hide
And cruel emptiness was all over to bite
Logically it was predicted to be over
We couldn’t sustain a year forget forever
It doesn’t matter to be true or to pretend
How could we forget, no one can hold the sand?
Forgive me I have no intention to offend
But I am missing you
And will keep doing…

Missing You | Photo Credit: fourwallsonly.com
Missing You | Photo Credit: fourwallsonly.com

12 thoughts on “Missing you

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  1. that was beautiful and so sad Neeraj. Hope it wasn’t real life…

    I tried to stop myself, but here I go…forgive me…lol

    just the one line..

    “I know it is enough late to go back and amend,”

    if it’s 2 thoughts, I know it is enough.. and …maybe “too” late to go back and amend?

    just add the word too, and it flows and reads wonderfully. but the word enough is out of place when next to late, it made me read it 3 times trying to understand, and stopped the beautiful flow of the poem. enough means “plenty”, “abundant” or “adequate”

    and with “late” following, it throws the reader off…it did me anyway.

    and if your real meaning was “enough late” together, meaning maybe … “its enough but too late to change it” just change the word late, to “later”, and that works also. but that changes the sentence meaning to… you can go back later and make things all better.

    and I absolutely LOVE the line, “no one can hold the sand.” THAT IS PHENOMINAL!!!! never once in my life had I thought that, or read that or heard anyone say that. and that is a BRILLIANT line! that should be the TITLE of a book of poems or a novel!!! Seriously, copywright it asap, if you can. Like just submit any old book you have with that listed as the title, and get the rights to it….just wonderful.

    Just thought I’d throw that out there. take care, and have a wonderful day. Deb

    1. Thank you for your comment Deb. Yes it is sad and unfortunately true.
      “I know it is enough late to go back and amend” is a single sentence where “enough” and “late” are together. For me “enough late” is same as “too late”. But I guess “late enough” or “too late” will work better. Which one will you suggest – “I know it is late enough to go back and amend” OR “I know it is too late to go back and amend”?
      Thank you for pointing it out. And YEAH I am really happy for what you said for other line “no one can hold the sand” 🙂

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