Sign the petition to the United Nations in Delhi Gang Rape case

On 16th of December 2012, a 23 old girl gets gang raped by 6 men in a moving bus in Delhi, India, injured brutally and thrown on the street half naked. While she is fighting for her life in ICU, thousands and millions of people are protesting on the streets in several cities of the country demanding only the justice for the girl by punishing the rapists and changing the law to turn it on a fast track and making it tougher so that these instances do not repeat. While everyone is on the street in spite of having lots of anger protesting peacefully, police throws tear gas, water cannon and doing lathi charge on them.

 We want it to be set as an example by changing the law, punishing the criminals as quickly as possible in such a way so that the criminal minds can’t even think of attempting a rape even at the back of their minds. Citizens of this country are demanding something concrete and absolute from the government for every female to feel safe while walking on the streets. We also demand that there should be some advertisements telecasted on national television every now and then, hoardings/posters displayed everywhere for these monsters to remind the consequences of raping with every breath, every step they take.

Please support this petition to reach United Nations in order to put pressure on Indian Government to take our emotions really seriously.

If you feel cheated by politicians and want justice in Delhi Gang Rape case, let your voice reach to United Nations by signing up this petition from here –

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