Life for Pride


Break the leg or ram the head,

Water cannon, Tear gas or Lathicharge instead,

Common man has risen up for his right,

He won’t shut up until everything turns right,

Peaceful is going to be his march,

Holding in his hands the humanity torch,

Fighting hard to save his pride,

He won’t shut up until everything turns right,

Make a decision, prove your significance,

Why in every 23 minutes being raped an innocent,

He doesn’t need an excuse but a resolution,

A promise that won’t ever return this humiliation,

Amend the law, do something concrete,

So the monsters fear in their spine for it to repeat,

Charge up, collaborate, whatever to get it fixed,

Behave as human, keep aside your bloody politics,

He won’t go home until it is done,

Nobody is waiting for him, no one,

‘Coz there is his mother standing alongside,

It’s his life for the pride.

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