Depth of her dimples

Miranda Kerr, Smile, Dimple

Tips of my fingers tickle,

Beats of my heart shuffle,

How would it feel if I touch her dimples?

I’m lost in dreaming,

As she’s smiling at some distance,

Should I go near?

Or remain here?

Will she turn her back if she’ll notice?

Secretly I’m watching,

As she’s talking at some distance,

Baby you’ll fit into the frame of my heart,

If it comes true it’ll be the most beautiful part,

Even when they seem so simple,

I’m getting lost in the depth of your dimples…


4 thoughts on “Depth of her dimples

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  1. love love love that you’ve chosen miranda kerr. she’s really pretty, and cute and lovely…:) Great poem once again, wish someone could write something like this for me…:D

    1. Thank you Joan. I wish that someone to write such poem for you finds you very soon. But isn’t it a sweet coincidence that you too are a dimple girl and that the first name of this actress matches with yours last 😀

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