India wants Justice!

On 16th of December 2012, a 23 old girl gets gang raped by 6 men in a moving bus in Delhi, injured brutally and thrown on the street half naked. While she is fighting for her life in ICU, thousands and millions of people are protesting on the streets in several cities of the country demanding only the justice for the girl by punishing the rapists and changing the law to turn it on a fast track and making it tougher so that these instances do not repeat. While everyone is on the street in spite of having lots of anger protesting peacefully, police throws tear gas, water cannon and doing lathi charge on them.

Why are the politicians silent? Why Chief Minister, Home Minister, PM and President all are acting deaf and dumb? Why we can’t have the powerful people of this country on the streets joining the protest instead of blogging on micro blogging sites? When those bloody shameful monsters do not choose their targets on the basis of class, color, status, religion, age, locality, nationality or any thing, such heinous act can happen with anybody.

We want it to be set as an example by changing the law, punishing the criminals as quickly as possible in such a way so that the criminal minds pee in their pants when they even think of attempting a rape even at the back of their bloody minds. Citizens of this country are demanding something concrete and absolute from the government for every female to feel safe while walking on the streets. The criminals should be made suffered with same brutality; the girl is being through, instead of just hanging them to death. Then it should be documented as an advertisement and telecasted on national television every now and then, hoardings/posters can also be displayed everywhere for f***ing monsters to remind the consequences of raping with every breath, with every step they take.

Its an appeal to everyone to spread it out everywhere!


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