Journey of our love – I

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I was alone when for the first time I met you,

Where would that meeting lead us I had no clue,

We became friends so quickly in a days few,

My hands got stuck on yours like glue,

You were not available I already knew,

Still this heart started beating for you,

February was the month I remember,

We felt comfortable to share our numbers,

I asked you the days during valentine week,

For the first time I didn’t feel afraid for it to leak,

Everyone used to have their ears and eyes on us,

Sometimes they rumored, Sometimes the hushed,

Then there came the Chocolate day,

We ate biscuits but nothing did say,

Random phone calls started becoming a routine,

In the month of March our first movie we had seen,

I didn’t gift you nothing on your birthday anniversary,

I told you the logic behind it and the worry,

Whosoever I presented a gift before you till then,

They all left me somehow in between,

So I decided to let it go that time,

You understood, I didn’t feel that I committed a crime,

I’m physically attracted towards you” I said in April,

What I really meant you started to drill,

If I was not falling in love, you were afraid,

I’m not sure if its love I said,

But you’re the one I want to do everything with,

At the back of my mind I meant I wanted to get laid,

This is how so unconventional was my approach,

I thought you would feel bad for me hanging this way on your porch,

But when I explained as why did I say that,

You understood and sweetly said “You are really mad!

… Journey to be continued


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