I am Spiderman – The End

Photo Credit: comicfanmag.com

Read The Beginning here

… Next day’s sun rises a little slow,

Chevy’s arm hurts so badly, he doesn’t even know,

That he was bitten by a black widow,

Side effects have already started to show,

Making his heart beat so low,

Pale has turned the place where he was bitten,

Hair grew all over his hands like of kitten,

Now he knows everything was a lie,

He saw in movie and every word of comics they had written,

Radiated spider doesn’t give him the power,

It made him weak, made him hanging over the shower,

Horror creeps in as he sees a lizard,

This is something he never thought of, he was never prepared,

Luckily the lizard gets away through the window,

OMG, little boy is now afraid of his own shadow,

Then he realizes there is a lady spider hanging in another corner,

Their eyes meet and he loved her,

Her eight legs and antennas get him high,

He knew it is his love of life,

Whether to curse or feel proud on this savior,

He’s hanging on the wall making love with a spider,

What the hell he did to himself he feels so pity,

Who will now save his New York City?



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  1. read both parts together.. the first one was cute, after reading the comments, i thought this one is going to be hilarious..but after reading the first few lines i was petrified thinking the kid is going to die.. unexpected ending..you always bring that love factor! love with a spider.. omg!

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