I am Spiderman – The beginning

Photo Credit: comicfanmag.com

A little boy named Chevy,

Last night saw his favorite movie,

He is an all time big sci-fi fan,

And the movie he saw was Spiderman,

He is smart, always gets good grades in school,

To him being a Spiderman is Oh-So-Cool,

He wakes up with the hangover,

Wanting to be real life Peter Parker,

Executes the plan in his school laboratory,

On a spider he caught from an old tree,

Puts the creature in a flask – conical shaped,

Switches on the machine to get it irradiated,

After 5 minutes or so, turns off the machine,

Grabs the spider in his hands being so mean,

Once bitten throws it on the floor where it lies,

It hurts so bad but there is spark in his eyes,

To get the mark hidden rolls down his sleeves,

Heads back home from the school he leaves,

After few days all criminals will feel pity,

As he’ll be the savior of New York City,

 … to be continued!

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  1. Oh HO! spider—man! love the action… 🙂

  2. Is it going to be hilarious? Cause I found it a great piece but more of an action one or may be a cute poem! I think ya still need to drag the humor in, angry young man :p

  3. Surprises and twists keep a story interesting. What is even more exciting is your delight in what is to come.

  4. Thanks always for your visits…they are always a shining blessing!

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