With you!

Photo Credit: dottydotcom.deviantart.com

Holding your hands,

When I walked,

Few yards seemed like a circle of earth,

Blue of your eyes,

When I saw,

Felt like I fell from sky and it was worth,

Red of your lips,

When I kissed,

Subterranean sea drifted in my veins,

Few moments with you,

When I spent,

I lived my life by every mean.

Now my heart craves for,

Another circle,

Another fall,

Another sea,

Another life,

with you!




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  1. Life is so demanding, isn’t it!
    Let me give you a present for tonight. Go and hear “As long as you love me” by Justin Beiber – I will include the link in the end.
    Beautiful words deserve a treat of a song!

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