Like Love

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I see you,

Coming through the door,

Unintentionally my eyes get stuck on you,

I realize I have something inside my chest,

As it beats,

I know I am alive,

Who are you?

Why I cannot resist the urge?

Are my fantasies turning true?

I become crazy,

As my eyes meet yours,

Like a magnet, you drag me towards you,

Can I touch you?

Seems like it’s the only urge left in me,

I feel shiver in my spine,

As I watch your lips moving,

Have I really found love?

Or I’m dreaming?

27 thoughts on “Like Love

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  1. Goodness, this was tempting and over-whelming.

    Your presence may be a dream,
    But I hear someone scream.
    Is it you or my pulse swaying with the soft breeze,
    The distance or my insecurities pulling up as I try to seize.
    I give up in your arms and pray for the *happy end*,
    My soul longs for our union – one last blend with the trend

    Just same lame thoughts knocked me down as I read this.
    With love,

    1. I’ll never let you be insecure,
      I’ll always stick around for sure,
      Don’t worry there will never be an end,
      I’ll always keep you safe in my heart .. Oh dear friend!

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