I met Myself

Photo Credit: ridethetempo.com

After getting tired from the choices I made in life,

I decided to go back in time,

To warn myself,

About wrong decisions and the people,

Who made my life like hell,

In the time I landed I was thirteen,

Queued up for food in school canteen,

Dressed up in uniform with a pair of black shoes,

Mud on pants and the tie a little loose,

I waited till I reached at the table,

Approached towards me to unravel

The secret for a better future,

I was going to be my own preacher,

Reached at the table, introduced I to myself,

I said that I have hell lot of things for you to tell,

I couldn’t resist even enough hardly I tried,

I was surprised to see myself not being surprised,

Told myself about wrong people and wrongly chosen routes,

While I kept admiring myself for looking damn cute,

I wasn’t that innocent as I always knew,

I needed to hear those words which were long due,

“I know I’ll have to go through a lot as I’ll grow”,

“But in front of the problems I’ll never bow”,

“Bad people and wrong decisions are essential part of life”,

“Just like heavy rain for a beautiful rainbow”,

 My own self taught me a lesson long forgotten,

Now I feel content seeing my heart rotten,

I know this is not something for ever going to last,

I’ll remain myself no matter happens what.



14 thoughts on “I met Myself

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  1. This one is awesome! I am in the awe of how you have come with something so different than *LOVE* and so beautifully!
    We all make our lives beautiful with experiences and adventures, don’t we??

  2. It’s really good but on the last sentence you put “I’ll remain myself no matter happens what.” Do you mean what happens not happens what? I love the way your stuff flows. Keep it up.

    1. When I posted it, I was confused whether it will portray the message the way I imagined or not. I guess the risk was worth taken. Thank you 🙂

  3. This is exceptionally beautiful..the flow of the poem flows with the thoughts and the feelings without any interruption in between… loved the thought and the words..

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