All Alone

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She lays sleeping,

Dreaming of the time we had shared,

Recalling the words we always cared,

Living in the world where we were together,

She cries often,

Wishing if we could fall back again,

Denying to bear all the pain,

She has been keeping,

While she is dreaming,

I walk alone,

Thinking of the time has gone long,

Writing down the lyrics for my song,

All alone,

I cry often,

Whishing if I can roll back the time,

I see my watch and its half past nine,

Prime time,

I watch people,

Walking down the road talking out load,

They seem happy there is no doubt,

While I hold my sound,

We were happy,

Why didn’t we try to hold ourselves?

How did we let loose our own belts?

So easily,

We both are thinking,

By the flood of our hearts we are sinking,

She lays in her bed and I keep drinking,

Every night,

Wishing if only we didn’t have that fight,

We would have been together,

Everything would have been alright,

While she lays sleeping in a dark room,

I walk on the street under the moon,

Fighting our fights since so long,

All alone.



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