Photo Credit: fallensaga.it

Dark circles around her eyes,

She does not try to hide,

Voice trembles,

Legs shake,

She is fallen on the ground,

Thousand patches on her shoulder,

Bitter taste in her mouth,

Eyes burn,

Bones ache,

She is losing her sound,

Crawling on a rough road,

Searching for water drops,

Cruel sun burns her soft skin,

Blue turn the beaten wounds,

It’s not over yet,

Reminding herself on every step,

She won’t give up,

Chanting out loud,

Reaches on a corner stone,

Adjusts herself,

Takes rest,

Roar in the sky catches her mind,

Rain starts soothing her thirst,

Breeze cures the burning wounds,

She puts her legs straight,

Collects her strength,

Positions her thoughts once again,

And walks on to start anew.



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  1. I really enjoyed this.. Thanks for sharing. Beautifully written. Please check mine out when you have a moment too!

  2. I really like this one and you are so right! It does totally go with my post today! 😀

  3. Beautifully written. And very true. There is a mental as as well as emotional battle in all of us that requires a new perspective of thinking to get through. I loved this. 🙂

  4. goodness Neeraj…loud applause from over this way! Loved it!

  5. Oh, wow. This is beautifully executed. Well done.

    It reminds me of a novel I read, of the same title and whose cover bears a similar image. 🙂

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