Mathematics of Love

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The first sight of you,

Opened the doors of my heart locked so long,

I wished every calculation turns right,

With zero probability of going wrong,

Things started slowly with small additions,

Our eyes met, magic started,

Happiness got multiple squares, Sorrow – the division,

Heart started laughing to teeth,

I started dancing on streets,

Nothing remained conventional,

When became your response directly proportional,


A sweet intersection came in our ways,

Provided us a chance to walk parallel,

We did and that is where began the dreamy days,

Our love became supernatural,

Your touch got me thrilled,

Empty area swiftly got filled,

A long leap towards a magic land took my mood,

It reached high on a highest altitude,


Integration worked magic until you didn’t choose a singular route,

Until your emotions didn’t get the square route,

Zero became a permanent part of every calculation,

When our relation got poisoned by complete differentiation,

Indirectly proportional luck turned,

Failed every formula of love’s math,

Harmony got divided with infinity,

Everyday I started dying a million deaths.

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21 thoughts on “Mathematics of Love

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  1. I enjoyed that, and the picture at the end to round it off was amazing.
    I’m in the middle of reading “The Man Who Counted”, so am enthusiastic about anything maths-related at present.

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