Without you!

Photo Credit: emowallpaper.wordpress.com

Sun has fainted,

It has become dead cold,

Mornings have turned stale,

They aren’t fresh anymore,

Fragrance has not remained flowers’ ultimate part,

They have been bitten by their own thorns,


Birds crash every time they fly,

They don’t sing,

They wish to die,

Earth does not rotate,

It stands still,

Water does not satisfy the thirst,

It always tries to kill,


I get thuds inside my chest,

Heart does not want to live in me,

It’s drilling all the way through,

To come out and find you,


See what has happened without you,

Everything needs you now,

I don’t know how,

But you’ll have to come,

Please come somehow,

Whisper in my ears your magical “Hey

Get back everything you took away…

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