I have the Power!

I am shy,

I don’t talk much,

Can I impress you?

Don’t have anything as such,

I have a name and a face too,

But it has nothing to do with you,

You see me everyday,

You generally don’t listen or quickly forget whatever I say,

I am a human, male, female, sister, mother, brother, father or whatever,

But for you does it matter?

I am not the one, who lives with superiority,

Always blur is my identity,

Everyday I struggle,

Whenever I walk many times I stumble,

I am a loser, I am a nerd,

But my real power lies in my words,

They emerge whenever I frustrate,

They help me write down my own fate,

Maybe for the world I am nothing,

But with my words I get everything,

I am a magician; I can improve my sustainability,

And I know great power comes with greater responsibility,

I am powerful; I can move the earth,

I know who I am I know my worth,

I struggle everyday but I am a fighter,

Along with my unknown identity I am a writer!


11 thoughts on “I have the Power!

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  1. As a writer, you can be what or whomever you want to be! You can be with whom you want or be without whom you don’t want. You can create, you can tear apart, you can tease, you can please, yours is a world of imagination and personification. You have the power!

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