Sweet Little Girl

I wrote this poem (In Hindi) when I was a small kid when I didn’t know if I’ll ever be able to write further or share it with anybody. I am sharing it with you with its English translation (for non Hindi readers). Enjoy!!

बेमतलब सी इस दुनिया में,
एक छोटी प्यारी बच्ची है,
बातें उसकी बड़ी बड़ी,
पर अक्ल की थोड़ी कच्ची है,
वैसे तो वो झूठ बोलती,
पर दिल की बिलकुल सच्ची है,
सारी दुनिया कितनी गन्दी,
वो तो सबसे अच्छी है!


In this world so selfish,

A sweet little girl there is,

She talks big,

But is so childish,

Though she lies sometimes,

But a true heart she has,

How bad this world is,

She is the sweetest!



12 thoughts on “Sweet Little Girl

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  1. awww..child poetry just makes me mushy..it’s a very sweetly delicate piece..a natural poet you always were Neeraj. xo

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