Remembering you!

I know you are there somewhere,

Breathing the time we had,

Juggling with the memory,

Trying to identify if it was true or not,

I know that you know,

That you are the one,

I mention always in my talks,

Remembering the time we had,

You also do that,

I know,

Take out the time,

Remember for once,

When we saw each other’s faces,

For the last time,

Do you remember?

…Then you must know…

Do you also think?

That you also miss that super fascinating time,

Try to meet once again,

You must remember,

When we climbed that mighty mountain,

When snake was around our neck,

When we rode the Yack,

Come back one more time,

I miss you here,

I’m sure you might also feel the same.



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  1. this just wants to be read by the right person !
    Hello??? You listening ??

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