Upside Down

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Holding a tear solitary,

She rushes towards lavatory,

Hiding her face,

Sobbing as she has lost an ace,

It’s not that she can’t cry,

But every time tears cheat whenever she tries,

Doesn’t have control on anything,

Assuming, nothing means nothing,

Can’t control the senses,

Losing her defenses,

Whenever she tries to laugh,

Unintentionally cries way half,

Everything is upside down,

Unfamiliar has become her own sound,

Being hovered with unknown fear,

Doesn’t come out the second tear,

Even when she bursts out,

The very moment, she laughs out loud.



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  1. My gosh!! This is so emotional yet it applies to everyone at least once in the life time!! Good one!

  2. WOW! You hit the emotion on this one:>) C’est le vie!

  3. Touching! I love the photograph you chose!

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