He runs towards her room,

To check if she is still there,

He is so restless,

He just had a nightmare,

She’s left for office already,

On the bed lies her darling teddy,

He smells around running here and there,

He does not know how he should care,

Soon he realizes he is alone in the house,

Of his sadness takes advantage a naughty mouse,

It starts showing all its terror,

When he poorly sits quietly in the corner,

It chews the carpet, eats the bread,

Today surely it does not feel any threat,

He doesn’t do anything lets it feel mighty,

How sad! He does not have anyone to share his anxiety,

He can’t do anything but wishes for her to come back,

Into his confidence he is having a huge lack,

He doesn’t eat anything, only waits at the door,

Until in the evening he hears her car’s roar,

He runs through the door, jumps the fences,

Seeing her smiling his heart dances,

He rides on her tries to hold her tight,

Can’t even say how badly he was missing her sight,

She doesn’t get to know what is so special there,

She’ll never understand how much does he care,

But he is happy to see her there,

Thankful of the God for listening his unspoken prayer.



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  1. This is beautiful – simply amazing!!
    You can express the unexpressed feelings too – with an everlasting charm!!

  2. Lovely work. Just lovely Neeraj. Hope you are well.

  3. If you hadn’t included the picture, I might probably have picturised a guy talking about his love. 🙂 Great lines, beautiful thoughts.

  4. What a lovely picture, and beautiful sentiments!

  5. What a lovely poem! 🙂 By the way, thanks for stopping by abstramification!

  6. Oh Neeraj – this is so adorable. and touches me right in the heart, especially since my Pee is having trouble adjusting to being at home during the day – she can no longer come to work (after 8 years) since the new owner bought the company.

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