The Notebook

Without you what I’m gonna do?

How can I miss a chance to get back to you?

You’re my love and you know that,

It’s just that you often forget…

Nothing can separate us,

No disorder, no angst,

I’ll sweat myself out to change the rules,

“Just keep breathing the trust,”

Every day I’ll read the pages of our love…

Every day I’ll get you back…

For those few minutes of your look…

I’ll live only to read you the Notebook



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  1. I really loved that movie… thanks for sharing 🙂

  2. good love story…better words here !

  3. i loved that movie and it made me cry to,thanks for your post, that’s a beautiful poem. that movie made us all want a love that powerful and true 🙂

  4. Loved the movie. Great Poem..

  5. Extraordinary movie of all time! Good job for your piece!

  6. i enjoyed this movie – your poem embellished the meaning behind it beautifully.

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