I’ll miss you

I'll miss you | Photo Credit: truelylovable.com
I’ll miss you | Photo Credit: truelylovable.com

Oh Baby,
I miss you again today,
It has been a routine,
Now a day,

When there was nothing,
When you weren’t known,
I was still alive,

Why things happen,
We don’t expect,
Why we expect,
Doesn’t happen,

You’ll happen to me,
I never expected,
I want you to stay,
Doesn’t seem realistic,

Do whatever you wanna do,
Go if you feel to,
I expect only one thing,
That you won’t leave me in the middle of anything,

I have been glad the most with you,
Don’t make me cry,
I know I am hoping something again,
Hoping that my fear does not come true.



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  1. Ummmm.. I know how missing can crush the soul within!!
    My blessings and prayers are there for you, always!

  2. dono bhai beer sheer tikatey hain…sab theek ho jayega !! 😉

  3. Thanks for visiting my promise book site..please feel free to stop by my main site sometimes, http://lynleahz.com Thanks and God bless you! Beautiful site you have here…love it!

  4. let not your fear rule you, just live, and breathe in the beauty of life! I loved your poem!

  5. That was actually very touching. 🙂 Loved it to the core.

  6. i love this – it is very touching. makes me think about of a lot of things:)

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