Inspire me

Its hollow,

Since you have gone,

I feel nothing at all,

I can’t swallow,

I hear no sound,

Just the drums beat all around,

Rain don’t enthuse me,

Everything betrays,

I feel nothing but numb,

Something clutches me within,

Rides on my soul day by day,

Listen I plea,

Give some… Give some inspiration to me, 

Pierce my chest,

Cut me open,

Suck my blood,

Drain my heart,

Whatever you do,


…but inspire me…

 It’s not done,

When you went,

I felt nothing, not a cent,

Why you disappeared,

Just like that,

And the mist hovered all around,

I don’t feel the pain,

When everything collides,

I feel nothing but numb,

What the hell is gravity?

It stopped working on me,

See I float,

Put some… Put some weight on me, 

Get the kerosene,

Light the fire,

Throw the stones,

Hit me hard,

Whatever you do,


…but inspire me…

 I can’t take this hollowness,

I can’t remain nothing,

I want to feel the pain,

I want to drench in the rain,

I can’t die without tears,

I’m calling, do you hear?

Come back for a moment,

Cut me,

Hit me,

Burn me,

Humiliate me,


Whatever you do,

… but Inspire me…

… Inspire me to die…

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