The Apple Tree

Sitting under an apple tree
A young man totally free
Roaming into his thoughts
He is completely lost
Sitting his head scratching
The answers unknown he is searching
Though he is a little boy so shy
Always surrounded with the question “why”
Why things happen the way they do?
He always tries to find the hidden clues
Suddenly an apple falls on his head
Another question into his list he adds
Why did it fall? Why didn’t it fly?
So many questions all of sudden gets him high
There must be a force pulling it down
He is determined for the answer to be found
He works hard with sincerity
Then he produces the law of gravity
This is why Moon circles around Earth and Earth around the Sun
This boy is called Sir Isaac Newton.
He teaches us just not the gravity
but to see what others don’t see
This was the story of the apple tree.

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