Fairy in my dreams

Photo Credit: pygar.deviantart.com

A fairy comes in my dreams,

Every night I sleep,

She loves me,

Cares for me,

Listens to my poetry,

With her wings she covers,

I cry, she kisses my tears,

Soothes when my heart trembles, 

It is you, who she resembles,

I miss you and whenever I do,

A fairy comes,

Who looks like you,

But I need YOU.



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  1. Oh you heart melter…how magical is this. Totally makes me smile.

  2. You are a lovely writer!!! This is an over-whelming piece!!

  3. the words are magical as the fairy…

  4. This is so good. Like a fairy-tale with a dream like quality. I love this! 🙂

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